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Writesonic Review: AI Copy and Article writer



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Writesonic is a brand new addition to the line of AI Writers. These tools help with your daily work, especially as a blogger or internet marketer. When you leave your usual 9 to 5 job, you will have to manage your time well, to make sure you don’t overwork. It’s easy to pull in long hours when you do it for yourself. Check out this Writesonic review to learn how this tool helps you with content generation and writing.

The tool Writesonic itself is based on OpenAI GPT-3 technology. It is the latest and absolute best when it comes to generating written content with the power of Artificial Intelligence. What’s great about the feature-rich tool of Writesonice is the continuous development. Right now, the creators don’t consider the tool complete and are working on new features and enhancement of the already existing features every day.

Writesonic Features

Let’s take a look at the currently available features. These are ready for you today after sign up to play with. As you will see, the dev team has already put together a quite compelling package. You need to note that using the tool will use ‘credits’. I will highlight the credit cost of each function. To see how many credits you get, you need to jump to the Pricing section.

Ad Copy Tools

Let’s start with the advertisement. Whether you are a blogger or trying your hand at entrepreneurship, you can make good use of advertising. It will help you drive traffic to your website, helping you gain potential customers.

Google Ads Copy (1 credit)

First up is the Google Ads AI marketing copy generator tool. When you think about running google ads, you need to grab the attention of people. Little known fact, the higher your click-through-rate, the lower PPC you will get on your ads. Due to this, it’s important to have interesting ads. This tool will help you generate such an ad.

Of course, 1 credit will not only get you one ad copy. It will generate 10 different ad copies for you to pick and choose from. You are almost guaranteed to find something good.

Facebook Ads Copy (1 credit)

Similar to the previous option, the Writesonic GPT-3 AI writer will generate 10 copies of Facebook ads. You can select promotion types and occasions when creating a copy for these advertisements.

Check a sample I generated for

Writesonic Facebook Ad Copy

Here are some outputs:

  • It’s the new year and it’s time to change your life! We’re on a mission to help you start your own business and make money online. Leave your 9 to 5 job behind and start living your dreams today. 🙌
  • A New Year is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start the year than by finally making your dreams a reality?
  • Would you like to be your own boss in 2019? Leave your 9 to 5 job, and start a new life in internet marketing. 🙌 I’m not going to tell you it will be easy, but when you get there it’s so worth it.
  • NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. If you’re ready for a new life and want to leave your 9 to 5 job, we have the solution.
  • Did you know that there are 3.5 million small businesses in the US? It’s time to make your own, and it all starts with a blog! Leave9to5 is here to help. We provide guides and tips on how to leave your 9 to 5 job, and start a new life in internet marketing or start your own business. See how here:

As you can see there are quite a lot of usable headlines there, that I could start marketing right away!

Ecommerce Copy

For eCommerce copy, you have only one tool so far. It’s called product description. Similar to the ad copy tools, you will take one credit to use this generator, and in turn, it is going to give you 10 options to choose from. It’s great if you are using dropshipping and need some catchy descriptions that will help your visitors convert.

Website Copy Writesonic Tools

Next up in our Writesonic Review are the website copy tools. There are a total of two available in this category.

Landing Page Generation (5 credits)

One of the most expensive features, but also one of the main features of Writesonic. For five credits, you will get a total of five landing pages generated. You can download the result as a simple text file, or grab the source code directly to turn it into a real landing page within seconds. Quite honestly it’s a crazy feature. To have a landing page generated by the Writesonic AI writer at the push of a button is amazing. Shows you how much technology has advanced. You can check my result below or view the official showcase.

Here let me show you my input for leave9to5 for testing purposes:

Writesonic Landing Page Generation

In all honesty, I was a little bit skeptical about this. However, look at the results. This is just one of the generated copies and there are 5(!). I feel like I could just put this up and start converting real customers.

Writesonic Landing Page Header
Writesonic Landing Page Body 1
Writesonic Landing Page Body 2

Landing Page Headline (Free to use)

Alternative to the full AI landing page generator. It’s free to use, and you will get 5 headline copies with each generation. It’s useful and free for anyone looking for some very quick brainstorming.

Here are some examples I’ve generated for leave9to5:

  • Work anywhere. Live anywhere. Be free.
  • Join the freedom revolution. Stop the 9 to 5.
  • “I’m done with my 9 to 5 job…here’s what I do now”

Writing Tools

Yes, I know you are all waiting for this part of the review. The writing tools are the other big feature apart from the landing page generator. I wouldn’t do a review of Writesonic without covering these tools.

AI Article Ideas (1 credit)

This option is useful if you seemingly run out of ideas to put onto your blog. Although honestly, I don’t use it that much, because I do my own keyword research. This means that I know exactly what I want to write about. Using this function will require 1 credit and will give you 10 results for blog article ideas.

AI Article Intros (1 credit)

You can generate AI-written article intros for 1 credit. Each generation will give you a selection of five results, so I am most likely able to pick what you like the most. Many times, I’ve found it best to mix all five together and add my own sentences and twists. The result is usually a great article intro I can use on my blogs.

AI Article Outlines (1 credit)

The Writesonic AI article outline generator will help you find all the topics you need to cover in your post. You will get a total of five different article outlines with one generation. It’s great, because like the article intro, I feel like I can usually combine the results for a long and nice article.

Listicle Idea Generator (Free Usage)

This is similar to the article idea generator, but instead, the output will always be ‘top X XYZ. Very good tool if you are looking to make some articles that will do well on social media. It’s free to use, and you will be able to get some great ideas.

Here’s an example for my input ‘Business Ideas’

  • 10 Business Ideas That Are Better Than Yours
  • 5 Business Ideas That Can Make You Rich
  • 10 Business Ideas to Start Today
  • 5 Business Ideas You Can Start With Little to No Money

Of course, they are rather general, but then again the keyword ‘Business Ideas’ is not really giving the tool a lot to work with.

Text Summary (Free for now)

The text summary does exactly what it says. You either input an url, or the text of your own article in to the Writesonic text summary generator. The end result will be a conclusion you can post straight at the end of your post. It’s great and free for the time being (not sure if it will cost credits in the future or not).

Email Copy (1 credit)

You can also use Writesonic GPT-3 AI to generate some business emails. You can input what your email is about in listicle style points. The tool will then give you back 3 generated emails, that you can send to engage with your customers.

AI Article Writer (1-7 credit)

Finally, we arrive at the main attraction. The Writesonic AI article writer function. It’s quite nice, how they have put it together. Although the credit usage can run up to 7 credits, there are quite a few ways to save some credits. Namely, if you don’t use ALL functions of the generation.

When you open the AI article generator, you will be taken to step one. Step one will generate some article ideas. This uses the same tool as AI Article Generator. If you already have a title, then you can easily skip this one. It costs 1 credit to generate these ideas, so here you can save if you get your article title from another source.

Article Generator First Step

After that, you will have to write an intro for the article. Of course, you can use the separate article intro generator to help you with this.

On step 3, the AI Article writer will help you generate a blog outline. Using this step will take you one credit as well. If you already know your outline and don’t need to generate a brand new one, then once again you can proceed to step 4 without using any of your credits. Otherwise, use it to generate a nice outline for your post.

Writesonic Blog Outline

Step 4 is where it all comes together. You’ve used the Writesonic tools to get here, now it’s time to finish the job. Each section two sections of the article generator use 1 credit. This means that if you only use the last step, you can generate an article that has 6 sections for only 3 credits. Not bad at all! If the end result is not satisfactory, you can always re-generate any section, for 1 credit per section.

Writesonic Full Blog
End Result

As for the quality of the generated articles, all I can say, that they vary. Sometimes you get lucky and get a really great article. Sometimes it doesn’t make that much sense. However, that’s no different from other tools. I’ve tried many AI Article generators, and what I can say, is that Writesonic is among the top ones. Sure sometimes it won’t give you the best result. However, I personally could find generations that were almost ready for posting as-is. I quite like this function, and use it constantly to help me with my daily writing struggles.

One thing to note. It’s hard to use any article generator for very specific topics. They are great at generating articles about more regular and wide themes. However if you need any facts and such, you should always cross check what the article says. Sometimes it gets the facts right, sometimes it doesn’t.

Here is an example I’ve generated. Mind you this is unedited, and no sections are regenerated. It’s not the best, but then again, if you are not satisfied with the result you can always tune your input. Many times changing your input will result in much better end.

Result 1

Here is another generation. I changed the section titles around this time for a different result. I think this one is much better and with some quick manual editing, we can have a valuable post out of it.

Result 2

All in all, there is room to improve in the article generator. However, for an AI to have such a powerful capability it’s truly amazing. I think the Writesonic tool does to fairly well, especially when you compare it to other tools.

Other Tools

There are a couple of more free to use tools in this section. You have a Growth Idea Generator that will help you come up with tactics and ideas to grow your business. Similarly you get a Startup Idea AI Generator, that gives you some ideas to start working on. Another free tool is the YouTube video title generator.

Pain-Agitate-Solution (1 credit)

The only tool that uses credit in this section is the Pain-Agitate-Solution Writesonic generator. As usual you get 10 options as the result. I’m not exactly sure why this isn’t in the marketing/advertising tools section, however this is the tool you need to drive conversion on your website.


The pricing model of Writesonic offers quite a few options. First of all, you can use yearly or monthly billing. As usual you will get a nice discount if you choose to bill yearly instead of a monthly plan.

The starter option is $29 per month (right now only 11.60 with a PROMO!). For this you 50 credits to use each month and access to all features.

If you need more flexibility you can choose a professional plan. This will give you unlimited credits for $99 per month (or 39.60 with PROMO!). The only limitation is that you can use the AI Article Writer for 150 credits each month only. If you take an average of 5 credits / article, this will give you 30 free articles each month.

Writesonic Promo Code

If you head over to sales page you can grab a 60% off PROMO Code for ALL plans. The code is SONIC60, you will need to use it at checkout.


I think Writesonic is an amazing tool. With the 60% off promotion the plans are quite affordable. As usually you get a free trial period, where you will be able to try out the features. I found it, that Writesonic integrates into my daily workflow quite nicely. Due to this, I can safely recommend this great GPT-3 AI Article writer for anyone who is looking to speed up their process.

Head over to the Wirtesonic official website to check out their offers.